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Goals & Vision
We combine both technological developments and humanistic accomplishments in our college. We expect to carry on hands-on teaching and learning between our teachers and students. In order to internalize our school's four mottos (professionalism, caring, vision, and elegance), exert the holistic educational functions, and foster professionals with creative thinking and humanistic characteristics, we build up the following educational goals to nurture students to become the backbones of social services:
1. Focus on professional ethics and develop communication skills.
2. Upgrade the functions of teaching and learning to meet the needs of the workplace.
3. Develop the research and development skills and promote the exchanges between the industry and the academia.

We hope that our teachers and students can experience the hands-on learning and teaching, internalize the four school mottos (professionalism, caring, vision and elegance), link teaching and learning, professional ethics and communications, intellectual services and international knowledge delicately together to develop a holistic educational function and make students become the backbones of the society and community in the future.